Silverfil Argentum is a Non-Toxic alloy alternative for a full restoration.

Zero Free Mercury

Zero BPA

Zero Fluoride.


Silverfil Argentum used as a base to prevent micro-leakage and

Bis-phenol-A seepage.

1.  Provides an anti-microbial base

2. Protects the dental pulp from BPA seepage

3. Strengthens the restoration, Longer lasting

4. Prevent micro-leakage

5. Provides an aesthetic non-toxic filling

6. Prevents post-op sensitivity in deep cavities due to acid etching

2014 Study- Micro-leakage and seepage in an aesthetic restoration. 


Silverfil will be an ideal material as it can be condensed firmly to seal the end well. That study was conducted By Prof. Masudi & he proved that Silverfil provides a good sealing ability to the root end.

2006 Study- Sealing ability

Silverfil in a retrograde cavity.

Silverfil Argentum showed good sealing ability.

This material also has a slight expansion which perhaps adds to this sealing property.

Image of root-end prepared by bur.

Image of ultrasonically prepared root-end under image analyzer